Long And Lean, Adam Levine Spills The Tea On His Body Art

Throughout the years, Maroon 5 leading singer Adam Levine has built up quite the collection of tattoos. It was very apparent at the 2019 Super Bowl Pepsi Halftime Show, when Levine went shirtless in the controversial live performance. Levine, who is an ally of the LGBTQ community and also has a brother who is gay – showed off a (shirtless) lean body while rocking low riding black pants that revealed just how much ink the California native really has. We’re taking a look at some of the singers expressive body art and hearing the meaning behind some of them, straight from Levine’s mouth.

Dove – left bicep


Levine told People magazine in an interview for his 2013 Sexiest Man alive cover issue that the Dove was his very first tattoo:

“This was my first tattoo, I was 21. It was five days after 9/11. I felt this needed to say something with this peaceful thing on my body”.

Beaded necklace – neck/chest


“I don’t think that you have to necessarily ascribe meaning behind every tattoo”.

Los Angeles, California – right bicep, stomach



Both perhaps a nod to Levine being born and raised in Los Angeles, California.

“Simple case of hometown love. Not many people were born and raised in L.A. Gotta’ wear that badge of pride”.

Eagle – ribcage



“Tattoos wind up being this strange road map or narrative over the years. They always remind me of this long, weird, awesome journey life has been”.

Mermaid – back tattoo


No deep explanation on this back mural, but art can be left to the viewer to be interpreted. The mermaid tattoo features angels wings, a skull, a lost ship and crashing waves. The piece took artist Bryan Randolph six months to create.

Levine told People that tattoos on his hands and below the waist were off limits.  He believed that they were sacred. But he clearly has changed his mind since then, as he has added the words “TRUE LOVE” to his fingers and images of ocean waves to his left leg.

There simply isn’t enough time in a day to detail the many more tattoos that Levine has on his body. But an often shirtless Adam makes it easy for us “art connoisseurs” to further catch glimpses of his meaningful ink. I still haven’t decided if the tattoos are great choices, or if they just look that much better on Adam’s long, lean and chiseled body. I mean, it surely doesn’t take away from said art.

Which one of Adam Levine’s tattoos would you consider to be your favorite?

Source: People

9 thoughts on “Long And Lean, Adam Levine Spills The Tea On His Body Art”

  1. My favorite tattoos on Adam Levine’s body is the butterflies and guitar tattoo and the angel on his chest and the hand holding a rose, California on his ribcage and true love on his knuckles. I don’t like the tattoos on his back of his neck and the throat. I like the butterfly but not on his throat.

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  4. Which of Adams tattoo I like best…..well..
    I’d need to get closer, like real close up, to see them.
    When can we set up a time for me too do this? 😌😊😉
    LoL….a gurl can dream huh?


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