“Love Is Blind’s” Carlton Morton Talks Biphobic Death Threats & Therapy

Image via Instagram @carltonmorton

He’s finding a way to heal after burning under the internet’s/media’s gaze.

On Sunday, we shared with you the fact that Love is Blind star Carlton Morton had expressed his desire to escape from the public eye after receiving harsh pushback over his bisexuality and storyline. After having a history of dating men, Morton appeared on Love is Blind with the desire to find a woman to love and marry. Unfortunately, he chose to hide this sexuality from his fiancé Diamond until after getting engaged. The blowup from hiding that fact not only happened in front of the camera but off-camera too.


Again, Morton then posted on social media that he’d had enough and that he was done talking about the show and situation. The public announcement then followed a silent period for the reality show personality, which led to concern about his well-being. In addition, TMZ reports that a 911 call was made at Carlton’s Atlanta home. The authorities were allegedly called for non-life threatening injuries just hours after Morton’s social media post. He was then transported to the hospital. Thankfully, he has now resurfaced and expressed the fact that he’s seeking help.


Speaking to TMZ, Morton shared that he had been receiving death threats after appearing on the Netflix reality dating series. This led to a struggle with his mental health.

But while speaking to TMZ, Morton shared that he is doing better. “I want them to know that I’m dealing with this the best that I can. Obviously, every day is new, Waking up to death threats in my DMs, social media comments. Just feeling, again, like I have to rally behind myself constantly.”


Morton then elaborated on receiving hate and how it has caused a dip in his mental health. 

“I’m OK,” he shared. “I had a very tough day and some people apparently wanted to check on me – and that’s all I can say about it right now. It’s kind of embarrassing. I just feel like the world hates me right now.’”

Thankfully though, he is now going to therapy.

“[Mental health] It’s very important,’ he said. “I feel like therapy is everything and it’s something that in the black community that we don’t really talk about. ‘So it’s very important right now to go to those types of sessions.”


Source: TMZ, Metro

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