‘Love Victor’ Season 3 Brings A New Suitor On Board For Victor

Since premiering in 2020, Love Victor has proven to be as heartfelt, romantic, and relatable for so many as it’s big-screen predecessor, Love Simon. Tales of young LGBTQ people are crucial to continue to be told, especially in today’s culture and while Season 3 of the series has officially been announced to be the final year we are able to watch the romantic and interpersonal trials and tribulations of Victor Salazar (Michael Cimino) and company, the final season (premiering June 15th on Hulu and Disney+) trailer seems to already be showing that while who was on the other side of the door is the immediate cliffhanger, there is plenty more story to be told for these multi-faceted characters. 


Kicking off at the very door that we found Victor standing in front of at the conclusion of Season 2, Victor finds himself at a crossroads of his own. Not only is he exploring who he is, he is also ultimately deciding who he wants to be with (Season 3 looks to be introducing another possible suitor for Victor named Nick, played by Nico Greetham. The Love Victor ensemble also seems to be taking some journeys of self discovery of their own, as Pilar (Isabella Ferreira) and Felix’s (Anthony Turpel) relationship heats up, and Lake (Bebe Wood) starts to explore her own sexuality. As for Mia (Rachel Hilson) and Andrew (Mason Gooding), they are trying to navigate how to keep their relationship going through the next iteration of their own lives. 

One of the most recognizable aspects of Love Victor is the soundtrack that has defined and framed the friendship and romantic entanglements of Victor Salazar and his Creekwood High School classmates (and beyond). The trailer for Love Victor Season 3 showcases mucic from buzzed-about performers like Michigander (“Better” and VINCINT (“All Over Again”), and the official Love Victor playlist includes tracks from everyone from Carly Rae Jepsen, FINNEAS, and Greyson Chance. Additionally, Tyler Glenn’s “Somebody To Tell Me” (the official theme from Love Victor) brought a brand new fanbase to the openly-gay Neon Trees frontman. 

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  1. Cute cute cute love love love sad sad sad. Love this show so much and so very sad it’s leaving us too soon. Love to the gay storytelling, this will be one of my fave shows forever!


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