Single Again? Luke Evans & Rafael Olarra Spark Breakup Rumors

Credit: Luke Evans Instagram

Social media sleuths have become the new Nancy Drew in the modern world as they are, for the most part, able to solve a variety of things happening on a daily basis. 

Take for instance what they figured out about hunky Luke Evans. The Beauty and the Beast star caused virtual chaos when people realized that he had unfollowed his gorgeous boyfriend Rafael Olarra. But wait… it gets juicier.


Here’s the tea. Luke, over the past 24 hours or so, did the drastic digital move by not only unfollowing him but also removing any and all photos of them together in the process. The romantic horseriding pics of them in Australia, taken last month, are still gone as of Wednesday, October 28.

Rafael, meanwhile, still has a bunch of snaps of them up on his own person Instagram account. They made their social media debut in February of this year after the sexy actor posted a video of them cozying up together.


We did some more serious investigating into this where Luke has refollowed him as of today! 

Perhaps all the articles that came out yesterday about the questionable status of their relationship scared him into hitting the follow button again. 

Credit: Luke Evans Instagram

Luke also made sure to post an Instagram story that looked to be a flashback of them riding some horses at the beach.

Credit: Rafael Olarra Instagram

Rafael later shared a black and white pic of them with the caption, “So far and so close.” Perhaps the apparent geographical distance caused a factor into their possible and brief breakup? 

Anyways congrats guys on getting back together (maybe) after your brief split (possibly). Shrug. 


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