Luke Macfarlane & Peter Porte Bring Sparks in ‘Notes of Autumn’

Luke Macfarlane and Peter Porte are starring in the upcoming Hallmark movie ‘Notes of Autumn’, which is a house swap type of story that celebrates love and the joys of fall season.

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Aside from the two out actors, ‘Notes of Autumn’ is also starring Ashley Williams and Marcus Rosner. Williams is playing the role of Ellie who is described as “a fun-loving, classically trained pianist living in the city who gave up on her passion long ago.”


Meanwhile, Macfarlane is portraying the character of her best friend Leo who is “a famous author with writer’s block.” He “lives in the rustic outskirts of British Columbia,” and “can’t finish another installment in his highly popular book series.”

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(c) Hallmark Channel via Twitter: @THEHOLLYWOODSPY

The best friends decide to swap places for a change of scenery, and that’s when Leo (Macfarlane) meets and develops a friendship with Ellie’s good friend Matt (Porte). According to TV Insider


“Their newfound friendships turn into something far more meaningful. As both Ellie and Leo take part in the joys of the autumn season, they also discover their hearts belong somewhere very different than they ever thought possible.”

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Moreover, ‘Notes of Autumn’ is set to premiere as a part of Hallmark Channel’s annual Fall into Love programming event on September 16 at 8/7c. 


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  1. Hallmark makes sweet films that revolve around love. But in the field of gay rom-coms, the platform has only started to warm up, with the Christmas film The Holiday Sitter, in which for the first time two main characters are both gay, and The Christmas House 1 & 2 where the secondary characters are both gay. It’s nice to see we’re getting a non Christmas gay film. Looking forward to watching it. Plus Luke’s easy on the eyes.


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