Makeup Guru Bretman Rock To Star In A TV Show

Images via Instagram @bretmanrock & @mtvnofilter

Bretman Rock is moving to tv!

Makeup YouTuber and guru Bretman Rock has announced his upcoming arrival to the world of MTV. Specifically, Rock is getting his own reality tv series under the No Filter franchise. This announcement comes off the heels of the successful first season for MTV’s No Filter: Tana Turns 21, which follows the life of YouTube personality Tana Mongeau.

Before this announcement, Rock made a name for himself through his YouTube channel, which as 6.8 million subscribers. His success earned him Time Magazine’s titled for Most Influential Teen in 2018. He also won the Beauty Influencer of the Year award at the 2019 People’s Choice Awards.

To share the news with his fans, Rock expressed his excitement through a live stream on No Filter’s Instagram account.

“It’s a fact that this b*tch right here is gonna have his own MTV show. I am going to be the newest MTV reality star,” Rock said. “It is going to be something you guys have never seen before. It is going to be the rawest Bretman Rock that you guys will ever see. You guys will see everything; you’ll see my whole family,” he added saying the show will be a mix between The Osbournes and The Simple Life. “I just know you guys are going to love it.”

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