Man Proposes To BF While Flying To Sydney Mardi Gras

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How adorable! Virgin Australia’s first-ever Pride Flight flew flawlessly. And it turns out, it held a trending moment of love too.

When the flight was announced last month, the route from Brisbane to Sydney was meant to signify the start of the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. Included in the flight were bottomless beverages, DJ entertainment, mid-air drag performances, drag performer Penny Tration as a cabin crew member,… and a proposal?


This flight was not only Virgin Australia’s first Pride Flight, but it was also passenger Chris Lai’s first Pride Flight. Lai then decided to enhance the trip by proposing to his boyfriend Cedric Thiery.

“On my 110th Virgin Australia flight and my first ever Pride Flight, I only have one question for you, Cedric,” Lai is seen saying over the flight’s loudspeaker in the below recording of the moment.

Lai then got down on one knee in the middle of the plane’s aisle. Thiery was also quick with his response and said a resounding “Yes!”


As Lai later told QNews, the couple has a “passion in flying and sky is home for me.” As such, it made sense to propose while on the flight. Even better, Virgin Australia is apparently taking care of the couple’s honeymoon on Hayman Island!

Congrats and best wishes to the happy couple.

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