Man’s Advice To A Stranger On How To Raise A Gay Son Has The Internet Weeping

Singer and Twitter user Jack Remmington was enjoying Las Vegas earlier this week, when he had a touching experience.

Former The X Factor U.K. contestant Jack Remmington was sitting at a slot machine when a stranger walked up to him and his friend Marco Alessi. After a few moments of conversation, the man revealed that he’s from Arkansas and asked if Remmington and Alessi were gay. After the two men answered yes, the man followed up with an important question that’s been nagging him.

It seems that the stranger suspects his 13-year-old son to be gay or possibly LGBTQ in some other way. Not knowing how to handle this in the best way possible for his son, the man asked Remmington for parenting advice. This then inspired a thread of tweets from Remmington about the conversation.

Remmington shares that he was touched by the clear love and consideration the father showed for his son.

Remmington and his friend then shared advice such as letting the child express himself instead of silencing him as an act of protection. Remmington even shared personal stories of how he was raised to get the point across.

Ultimately, Remmington was touched by the conversation with a stranger in Vegas who’s just trying to be a good dad. And we’re glad that he chose to share the story.

And it seems a few celebrities agree.

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