Mark Consuelos Clarifies Why His Bulge Looked So Big in a Halloween Photo

Credit: Mark Consuelos Instagram

Could Kelly Ripa be pulling an Erika Jayne where she’s “giving the gays what they want“? If so, thank you.

The daytime goddess recently posted a collage of throwback photos that featured her hunky husband Mark Consuelos, their children and Live cohost Ryan Seacrest in Halloween costumes that go back several years. 


One pic took front and center of the bunch primarily because it made the Riverdale star look like he had a huge d**k.

No not this one, although holy moly. Kelly we are jealous.

Credit: Kelly Ripa Instagram

Nope this is one the that people are drooling over. One year Mark decided to channel Erik Estrada in ChiPs alongside pal (and Andy Cohen‘s BFF) Bruce Bozzi. And yes, there looks to be a lot to work inside of those skintight pants.

Here’s a sampling of the thirsty comments that emerged after Kelly posted the pic on Instagram:

Ummmm, I’m favoring #10.


I know where Ponch (Estrada’s character on ChiPs) keeps his gun.

Mark is packing a gun in his cop uniform.

Mark chimed in on the c**k commotion where he tried his best to be humble. “Full disclosure, I believe that’s definitely a shadow that’s causing that bulging effect,” he claimed. Kelly, our hero, thought otherwise. “Ummmmm baby are you seeing shadows?”

Own what you got Mark. Just own what you got. 

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