Maryland Parents Host Gayceañera For Their Son

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We love sharing moments of love and joy. Especially with all the hate and violence going on out there in the world. Thankfully, we have one such story of familial acceptance to share with you all below.

This particular story is about a boy named Aiden and his family in Maryland. According to Femalista, 15-year-old Aiden is the son of Heidi Irene and Terry Trammell. Earlier this year, Aiden came out to his parents. Thankfully, this isn’t the story of a teen being rejected by his family after coming out or forced to go through conversion therapy. We’ve heard enough of those! Instead, this is the story of family loving and accepting their son for who he is.

Even better, Heidi and Terry decided they wanted to make Aiden’s coming out to others easier. So, they threw him a quinceañera.

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A quinceañera is a Latinx tradition in which 15-year-old girls throw a party to celebrate their coming out and aging up. While the tradition originated as a way to signify young women becoming old enough to marry, somewhat like the debutante balls of European tradition, the tradition has been modernized to just celebrate young Latinx women.

But again, Heidi and Terry decided to host a quinceañera for their son Aiden. They then decided to call it a gayceañera. This party was an act by the family to support their gay teen in coming out and being true to his authentic self. We hope the family and friends enjoyed their party with every fiber of their beings.

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Source: Femalista

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