Masseur Admits To Inappropriately Touching 50 Men

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A masseur from Minneapolis has been accused of sexually assaulting two male clients and inappropriately touching 48 more.

According to the Star Tribune, 65-year-old Benjamin A. Lamb is the man accused of sexually assaulting two men in 2016 and 2019 at the Men’s Spa Salon in Hennepin County. One of the men told police on November 2, 2019 that he was assaulted while receiving a massage from the masseur. The alleged victim says Lamb deliberately fondled his genitals during the service. The client then called the police upon driving home.


After this, a police investigation into Lamb began. This led to Lamb being fired in early January of this year. He had been working at the establishment for six years. The police investigation then led to the May 2016 incident when another man reported a similar event involving Lamb.

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With this most recent accusation, Lamb has admitted to inappropriately touching 50 men under his care. According to the New York Post, Lamb was charged on Tuesday in Hennepin County District Court for the two sexual assault incidents.

“The defendant stated that he receives a ‘perception’ from a client and proceeds to touch them in their private areas because he thought they would enjoy it,” court documents read, according to the paper. “The defendant admitted that some men probably did not want to be fondled.”


According to attorney Marshall Tanick, other workers had no idea about the allegations set against Lamb until the police arrived.

“The spa certainly does not condone or tolerate this kind of behavior,” said Tanick.

The investigation is still ongoing.

Sources: the Star Tribune, The New York Post

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