Matteo Lane Kicks Off His ‘Al Dente World Tour’ In Las Vegas

Out standup comedian Matteo Lane (image via Instagram)

Named one of Variety’s Top Ten Comics to Watch, out standup comedian Matteo Lane has performed to sold out crowds all over the world and he’s about to do it again. The hilarious hottie is about to kick-off the next leg of his newest comedy show, “The Al Dente Tour,” in Las Vegas where he’ll headline at the gorgeous Wynn Hotel on July 29. From there he goes to 40+ more dates in the U.S. and around the world.


With hard work (and consistently sharing funny clips on social media), he’s developed an Instagram following of more than 1 million fans. He recently debuted his latest comedy special “Hairplugs & Heartache” on his YouTube channel which quickly scored over 1.3 million views. He can also be seen in Netflix’s queer stand up special “STAND OUT” as well as “THE COMEDY LINEUP.” 

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In addition to his super-hero comedy skills, Matteo is an artist who once painted a mural for the Obamas’ headquarters in Chicago, a classically-trained singer, and an admitted pasta aficionado. Hot, talented, and he can cook – what’s not to like? 


I recently had the chance to chat with the hilarious hottie for my podcast, The Randy Report. Along the way, Matteo shared about discovering a place in standup comedy as a gay man, whether he gets wild and crazy in Las Vegas, and more. Here are a few excerpts (lightly edited for clarity):

• On his upcoming gig in Las Vegas:


“This is my first time headlining in Las Vegas. I’m really excited it’s at The Wynn, I love that place. Going to Vegas as a kid, we had no money, and we were like, ‘That’s The Wynn. We can’t afford that.’ So, in my head, now it’s like ‘Oh, my god – RICH!'” 

• How he spends his time while in Las Vegas:


“Usually when I work I just live like a mouse, staying in my hotel room, drinking water and rest before the show because I want to make sure to give my best performance … I did go to Vegas once with (fellow comedian) Nicole Byer and we went to every single male revue show – we started at ‘Magic Mike,’ then went to ‘Chippendales,’ and then ‘Thunder From Down Under.’ I’m not a gambler but that’s the good thing about Vegas – you can walk around the Strip, go to old Vegas, to restaurants. I’m kind of like a weird tourist that walks around the Bellagio going ‘Wow!'”

• On how he discovered his affinity for comedy:

“I didn’t see a gay man doing standup comedy until I was 23-years-old. I know there were gay comics, but they weren’t available to me. Unless they were on TV and had a special, I wasn’t going to see them in the suburbs of Chicago. So my only way to enjoy standup was, like many gay men, watching Margaret Cho and Kathy Griffin. But watching Joan Rivers when I was 21…that’s when it dawned on me – ‘This is what I’m supposed to do.'”

Listen to my full chat with Matteo Lane below and don’t miss his globe-spanning extravaganza, “The Al Dente Tour,” which resumes on July 29 at The Wynn in Las Vegas. Find more info at

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  1. I remember hearing over the years never trust a hot comedian. But he’s hot gay and very funny. Top 10 favorite gay comedians. Saw him not too long ago live.


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