Max Dubrow (And RHOC’s Heather Dubrow) “Give It To You Straight-ish”

While Real Housewives of cities all over the country have children that run the gamut from precocious to polarizing, Max Dubrow stands out from the pack. While her mother Heather Dubrow departed The Real Housewives of Orange County in 2016 (returning to the fold this year), Max took the time away from cameras documenting her life to launch a podcast and book of the same title (I’ll Give It To You Straight-ish) and come out as bisexual publicly in June of 2020 (where else?-on Instagram). “I always knew I was bi, I just thought it was bipolar,” Max captioned photos that show her sitting in a field, with a Pride flag draping her. Heather shared Max’s Instagram post, simply adding: “I love you my beautiful, hilarious, amazing child!”


While Dubrow’s might be the unofficial ‘Queen Bee’ of The Real Housewives of Orange County, when it comes to her children she is simply a wonderfully and endlessly supportive ‘Mom’. She told People late last month “When Max came out to me privately, it was kind of funny because we had already discussed it!” recalls Heather. Max went on to say “It was literally a two-minute conversation. I was like, ‘What about, like, kissing girls? Have you done that?'” Heather remembers, “So then I knew. Whatever, no big deal.” While Max broke the news “officially”, Heather took the news in stride in her typically calm way. While Max thought she was revealing a “secret” and said ”I’m bi,”  Heather said in part, “That’s great. This is all normal. Go figure out who you like and who you are. Go be happy!”

As The Real Housewives of Orange County showcases a slice of Heather Dubrow’s real life, that includes her life with her husband (and Botched surgeon du jour) Terry Dubrow and their four children In addition to Max who is 18 years old, the Dubrow brood includes Max’s twin (and future heartbreaker) Nicholas, also 18. Daughter Katarina is 15 years old, while Collette (“Coco”) is 11 years old. Max’s journey is showcased significantly this season (with new OC Housewife Noella Bergener already butting heads with Heather and coming close to missing out on an invite to the book party). The most recent episode showed Heather and Max getting their chakras read, with the main event being a book celebrating Max’s book I’ll Give It to You Straight-ish-What Your Teen Wants You To Know.


As for her reasons for returning to the show, Heather’s makes her intentions clear. She is aiming to shine a light on a a new kind of “real” family and hopefully help others that are possibly going through similar issues.. Dubrow told GLAAD recently that following Max’s coming out and the support the Dubrow family received, Heather saw this as an “interesting to show what our version of what our version of what a normal family looks like. She ended by saying “and if we could help some people in the process, wouldn’t that be fabulous”?

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