MCU Adds Even More LGBTQ Characters

A Gay Family Man In The Eternals?

At this point, it has become very clear that the main focus of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Phase Four is inclusivity, diversity, and representation. No other film within the next two-to-three years is more evident of this than the upcoming movie The Eternals.


For months, we’ve been sharing with you the story of The Eternals having a gay male lead. But what was once rumor has now been confirmed with a slight boost in information.

Last weekend Disney held its D23 Expo, which is essentially its own convention for movie news, theme park news, and business news. And while Marvel didn’t share as much info as it did at Comic-Con earlier this Summer, there were still a few announcements and reveals. Most importantly for Instinct readers, Disney/Marvel announced that the now confirmed gay male lead will also be a married man with kids.

Talking to Good Morning America, Marvel head honcho Kevin Feige shared that this still unidentified character, though many suspect it to be Richard Madden’s character Icarus, is a family man.

“He’s married, he’s got a family, and that is just part of who he is,” the Marvel Studios president told GMA.


Unfortunately, that’s all Feige shared about the character who still has yet to be named. But we understand why. After all, keeping us guessing about this gay character has kept The Eternals in the news for months now. And with such a largely unknown property, any press is good press.

Miss America

Thankfully, that’s not all the LGBTQ Marvel news that we have to share with you. Though, this one is just inside Hollywood speculation for now. It seems Phase 4 will be ripping with LGBTQ characters for the next few years. Not only is Marvel casting a transgender female superhero, holding secrets about this gay family man superhero, and finding a queen for Valkyrie, but rumor has it that the MCU will also be adding a popular lesbian Latina to the mix.


MCU Cosmic presented the rumor that Marvel Studios is putting together plans for the arrival of America Chavez, a.k.a. Miss America. The character was created in 2011 by Joe Casey and Nick Dragotta. She’s a gay Latin-American immigrant who’s most known for being a part of the Young Avengers and The Ultimates. Her superpowers include superhuman strength, speed, flight, invulnerability/superhuman durability, and the ability to teleport by punching and kicking open star-shaped portals.

Again, this is just a rumor for now, but The Eternals’ gay lead was just a rumor at the beginning as well. In addition, it plays into the idea of the MCU bringing forward Marvel Comics’ next generation of superheroes such as the recently announced Miss Marvel streaming series and the arrivals of Young Avengers characters Kate Bishop and Cassie Lang. (Maybe even Hulkling and Wiccan are on the way).

We’ll keep you updated to see if this rumor turns out to be a reality.

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