Media Personality Larry Flick Announces Sabbatical From Sirius XM Show

Sirius XM Morning Show Host, Larry Flick explains how 2020 was a bad year for him in a social media post. (Photo Credit: Larry Flick Official Instagram Page)

Fans of the Sirius XM channel, Studio 54, and its morning show with legendary media personality, Larry Flick, found out at the end of the Monday, January 4 show that Flick was taking an extended absence from his hosting duties immediately.Β  Flick, who has been with Sirius XM since 2003, revealed on his show that he was taking time away from the station and was moving to England.Β 

Flick also went into detail about his temporary departure on his Facebook page:


β€œHere’s the thing: 2020 was a bad year for us all, and for me, specifically. We were not two months into the year (and only about six months after almost being fatally overdosed on heart meds by the worst doctor I’ve ever met), I got COVID. It was one of the scariest experiences of my life.”

The Sirius XM host goes into the details of his hospitalization and how not heeding the advice to take some time off led to two near-death experiences.Β  Flick also reassures the fans he has not been fired, but after his 36-year career, he needed to savor life for the first time.Β  Best of wishes to Flick and his husband on their move and Flick’s hiatus.

You can read the whole Facebook post below.


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