Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Reaffirms Their Commitment for LGBTQ Issues

Could we love Meghan Markle and Prince Harry anymore than we do right now?

The biggest couple of the year, who will be getting married in less than a month, just reaffirmed a big commitment on their support for the LGBTQ community and the issues that surround it earlier this week.

This past Wednesday, the couple spoke about the issues with delegates at the Commonwealth Youth Forum in England.  The bride-to-be expressed her support while speaking to Australian Jacob Thomas, who won a Queen’s Young Leaders award for helping to reduce the suicide rate within the LBGTQ community in Australia.

“Miss Markle said, and these were her exact words, ‘This is a basic human rights issue, not one about sexuality,’ ” he told reporters.

Harry, who has been spending the past couple of months with Meghan at several events since the two got engaged late last year, echoed her sentiments when it comes to supporting LGBTQ issues.

“Prince Harry said that what was so amazing was that 10 or so years ago, we wouldn’t have been having this conversation and how incredible it was that we now were,” Jacob added.

Harry and Meghan both told Jacob that they planned to prioritize working with the LGBTQ community following their wedding (taking place on May 18th), as they begin to really dive into various charitable pursuits.

“Both Prince Harry and Miss Markle said they would put LGBT issues at the front of their work,” Jonah Chinga, an LGBTQ activist from Kenya, said to reporters.

Thanks for the support you two and congrats on your upcoming wedding!

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