Men’s Sauna In London Ejects Transgender Man

A transgender man was evicted from a men’s sauna in London for not having a penis.

Gay Star News is reporting on an incident that occurred on October 29 at the Sailor’s Sauna which bills itself as a ‘social club for men interested in other men.’

In less elegant terms – a bath house.

The trans man, who identifies as ‘Jason’ in the Gay Star News report, says he was “A little nervous about being trans as I haven’t had bottom surgery but was reassured (by a friend) there would be no issue.”

Jason even went to the trouble of checking out the Sailor Sauna website which listed no ban on transgender men anywhere.

So, Jason, who says he’s “a very passable trans man” and identifies as bisexual, went to the sauna with his friend this past Monday evening.

Things seemed to go well for about an hour. But when Jason and his friend climbed into the jacuzzi, management approached him and told him he would have to leave.

“A staff member came over and requested I leave,” says Jason. “I was not allowed because of my genitals.”

Jason tried to explain that he is transgender, that there is no language about prohibiting trans men from entering the sauna, and even showed the staffer his government-issued passport that lists a male gender marker.

At that point, the staff member told Jason, “If you had t*ts and a d*ck, it’d be fine.”

During the confrontation Jason pointed out that The Equality Act of 2010 protects transgender people from discrimination, but the staffer wasn’t having it saying the business is licensed as a 'male space' and, as such, could violate the terms of their license.

The evening ended with Jason being refunded his money and ejected from the sauna.

“It was humiliating,” said Jason.

Gay Star News reached out to Sailor’s Sauna, and it was confirmed the incident took place.

And, the spokesman for the sauna repeated the concern about whether the business license could come under fire if they allowed trans men on the premises.

Then, in a statement to Gay Star News, a spokesman said:

“On Monday evening, a customer informed a member of staff that a woman was using the venue. I can only confirm what was said on the reception. The customer was told we did not know how we would stand in regards to our license. We are only licensed for men to use the venue.”

“I understand that the gentleman was male however his physical gender was different and as a customer had already stated that a female was using the venue, I explained that I would need to clarify with the council. The customer was given a full refund and we did apologise.”

“We have had confirmation from the council that if someone has a GRC [Gender Recognition Certificate] or ID confirming they are male, we would not be in breach of our licence.”

“I would also like to confirm that transgender men are welcome in our sauna.”

(h/t Gay Star News)

6 thoughts on “Men’s Sauna In London Ejects Transgender Man”

  1. A bathhouse is a sex club,

    A bathhouse is a sex club, and it's for guys with guys,  dicks are necessary to have anal sex, jerking off and sucking,  A trans man with a vagina would not be allowed to use a sauna, etc. in any men's health club or male-only facilities if they had no dick.  I'm sorry, I hold no hostility to trans folk, but this one is a no-brainer.  Have the reconstructive penis surgery and then come to a bathhouse (though I don't know how workable those kinds of dicks are).  

  2. In all honesty who cares, if

    In all honesty who cares, if its for gay men then don't go, what if it had been an all lesbian club and someone with a dick came. This is ridiculous. Make your own places. This is specifically for gay men, not trans. I don't care what anyone else says be trans if you want but as a gay man I will NEVER be attracted to you, I'm only attracted to biological men. If that offends too bad , there are plenty of people who aren't attracted to me, it doesn't offend me in the least, everyone has there own taste.

  3. If I, as a gay man, went to a

    If I, as a gay man, went to a hookup space, then a vagina would be the last thing I would want to see. And the fact that it would be attached to a male-looking body would make it look even more aberrant to me.

    Shame on this sauna for not sticking to their guns. That statement they did is cringeworthy.

    • These days gay activists are

      These days gay activists are stressing that a penis or vagina doesn't matter. If someone SAYS they are a man they're a man, and if you're not attracted you're a bigot.

  4. Transgender men are not men.

    Transgender men are not men. "Man" is a biological category.

    I don't frequent gay saunas and I have no interest in going to one, but gay men have the right to have men only spaces. Gender dysphoria does not define what being a man is; chromosomes define being a man.

    We have come to a point where people are so afraid to speak the truth and defend their nature only to appease a group of people who can't deal with their biology. It is manipulative and homophobic.

    • No no no! If you don’t go

      No no no! If you don't go along with what someone claims to be (man or woman, aside from genitals) then you're a bigot according to the GLBTQ community. 


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