Methodist Church School Removes Anti-Gay Chaplain

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The chaplain of a private school is leaving his position after he said that all gay people should remain single.

The Kingswood School in Bath, UK is a historic institution. It is a school created by the founder of the Methodist church. But, the school is currently recovering from controversy after it’s chaplain, Reverend David Hull, made anti-gay comments.

Hull made his comments in response to an earlier Methodist Church Conference chose to support gay marriage. According to Church Times, the Methodist Conference passed a motion this summer supporting Methodist ministers officiating same-sex weddings.

Keep in mind, followers of the Christian denomination of Methodism are largely split on liberal and conservative issues. The Methodist Church of Great Britain is generally less ritualistic or devoted to traditionalism. This has paved the way for more liberal and inclusive churches and clergy members.

That said, there are still Methodists of other countries that are more conservative. For instance, American Methodism is currently in disarray as delegates have chosen to tighten restrictions against same-sex marriage and LGBTQ clergy members. That said, there are some British Methodists who agree with their American peers. Unfortunately, Rev Hull is one of them.

In reaction to the earlier conference allowing British Methodists to officiate same-sex marriages, Hull told the Christian media organization Premier that he was saddened by the decision.

“As Methodist Evangelicals Together, we are very clear that the good news is for all. We believe that as part of that good news, God’s plan for creation is either that we are married as one man and one woman for life, or that we are single and celibate just as Jesus was and both of those ways of living are absolutely good news and part of God’s good news. To move away from that is to move away from the good news.”

According to the Guardian, Hull then wrote a letter to Kingswood parents and faculty/staff that he asked the church to shorten his role.

“Since the summer, comments I made in the context of an internal debate within the Methodist church have been circulated amongst the student, staff and parent bodies. This has brought unhelpful tensions into the school community.

“There has been no suggestion from church or school of any wrongdoing in making the comments. The views I have expressed have been recognised as being in line with the current position of the church and will continue to be affirmed by the church.

“But the situation nevertheless needs to be resolved. I have therefore requested from the church an immediate curtailment of my appointment as chaplain to Kingswood school, which has subsequently been granted.

“I have been very grateful for the opportunity to serve the Kingswood school as its chaplain. I wish the school well as it continues its mission of education and look forward to continuing to serve the Methodist church in ministry.”

The school’s headmaster, Simon Morris, also noted Hull’s commitment to the school and the faith.

“The Rev Hull has been chaplain at Kingswood since 2015. I would on behalf of students, staff, parents and governors wish to thank him for his ministry to the Kingswood Foundation and for his commitment to the whole school community. I am sure you would wish to join me in wishing him well for the next stage of his ministry.”

Despite how they wish to beautifully decorate the decision, the chaplain is leaving because of his anti-gay views and opposition to a pro-gay church. It’s unfortunate, but at least he won’t be sharing those views with students at the school.

Source: Church Times, Premier, The Guardian

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