Michael Henry Has Words For Anti-Vaxxer, Party Gays

Images via Instagram @MichaelHenry

Even in the direst of circumstances, it’s good to laugh sometimes.

Comedian and YouTuber Michael Henry is back and this time it’s with a sketch addressing the Puerto Vallarta mess. In the new video, Henry walks around West Hollywood before running into a friend named Randy (played by Adrian Anchondo).


When the two start talking, Henry realizes that Anchondo’s character isn’t supporting COVID safe practices, such as getting the vaccine.

In response, Henry mentions a bunch of unsafe practices that his friend exhibits such as smoking cigarettes, buying Viagra from gas stations, and more. Eventually, Randy brings up the fact that he was in Mexico last week. The conversation then gets heated as Henry gives Randy a piece of his mind.

“Shame? Is it shame or is it making you take accountability for you selfish behavior?” Henry asks. “Like, who do you think you are?”

He also asks the very important question, “You’ll eat a** but you won’t take a vaccine?”


Ever since the coronavirus pandemic began, there have been several headlines and viral videos of gay/bisexual men being caught partying. Whether it was not-so-secret parties in New York City or the recent scandal of a party boat capsizing in Mexico.

With these scandals, there has been a myriad of condemnation and criticism online. Like Henry in this video, many social media users and news sites have disapproved of irresponsible gay party-goers. Yet, many parties continue to pop up. Will Henry’s video help to discuss and change the situation? Who knows, but we’re thankful he tried.

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