Michael Henry Tackles The “Gentleman” Issue

Screenshot via YouTube @MichaelHenry

Michael Henry is back with more comedic commentary on gay culture and gender norms.

Henry has thrown out a one-two punch, as his latest video comes quickly off the heels of one video discussing gays jumping at a couple quickly after their breakup. And now, Henry’s tackling the issues of “Who’s the gentleman?”

Many of us have heard the question before. The question of who takes “the man’s role” in a gay male relationship. The pressure of heterosexual norms and dating force their ways into gay romance through questions like this. And often, these pressures are self-inflicted, as Henry explores below.

In the video, we see Henry with his latest lover walking down the sidewalk. But then, Henry asks his flame, played by Mike Millan, if he’ll stand on the side of the sidewalk closest to the street. After all, that’s where the gentleman should be. But that then starts an argument over who’s the gentleman in the relationship and touches on the greater issue of gender norms in gay dating.

Watch below.

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