Michael Henry Explains How To ‘Handle’ A Breakup

Michael Henry explains how to ‘handle’ a breakup (screen captures)

Funnyman Michael Henry shares this short clip on “How to handle a breakup.”

No, not your breakup – your friends’ breakup.

It seems time is of the essence since ‘Ken’ and ‘Joe’ hid the skids two days ago, which means Henry needs to spring into action to try and snatch up one of the wounded lovers asap.

Apparently, Ken and Joe like to go from relationship to relationship, so they are prime targets for Henry’s amorous approach. 

Why you ask? 

Because, according to Henry, recently uncoupled gays are already trained in many areas: how to be partnered, how to be affectionate, how to share, how to compromise, and more.

Plus, fresh out of a relationship, either Ken or Joe might need a “young, supple, fresh, firm shoulder for them to shed their tears on,” and Henry thinks he has just the shoulder to offer.

But apparently, for all of this to work, there has to be a masterplan to orchestrate the new relationship without being obvious. 

Hit play to see Henry calculate how best to seize the day.

Laughs aside, have any of you readers ever seen anything remotely like to this in real life? Do love-hungry gays swoop in when a duo splits up?

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