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It’s Pride month and there’s still no telling when stay-at-home orders will be lifted fully so we can roam freely about the world. So by now you must have watched everything that is streaming, On Demand, and on network television–and that’s okay, it’s a struggle.

One thing that has been a constant for me the last couple of months is RuPaul’s Drag Race every Friday night. It keeps me looking forward to something every week and even for a just a couple of hours a week, I am able to cancel out the noise of the world and feel my quarantine oats.

During the virtual finale of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 12 we saw a glimpse of Mama Ru and the rest of the judges at home. Among them, the illustrious and iconic Michelle Visage who is known for her obsession with eyewear, her snatched mug (for which she gets her name), and her no-nonsense critiques that have the queens blending, padding, and hiding every green garment season after season. Visage at home might have even peeked your interest when her beau David, appeared on camera with his ass to the wind as Visage announced the season finale from her humble abode.

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If this is what it’s like to be at-home with Ms. Visage, we’re here for it. Which is why it is the perfect time to tune in to How’s Your Head, Hun? the new series starring Visage on WOW Presents Plus.

With her Drag Race life temporarily on hold, Michelle Visage gives an inside look at life in quarantine, refocusing her high energy on her family and keeping things light in worrying times. Joined by her husband, David, her teenage daughter, Lola, Lola’s newish boyfriend and a menagerie of pets, join each week for a family progress report, high jinks, new “lockdown projects,” cooking, and more. The series is executive produced by Tom Campbell and Nelson Walters.

I got in touch with Michelle Visage to catch up on life during quarantine and learn more about the new series that will give you a new perspective of the gay icon.

DAVID LOPEZ: How have you been holding up during quarantine?

MICHELLE VISAGE: I think the same as most people; some good days, some not so good days- but we take them one day at a time.

DL: What are some things you are missing right about now?

VISAGE: I am missing human interaction. I am lucky enough to have my hubby and daughter with me, but I miss my oldest daughter so much. She was in Uni when it happened and didn’t come home. I haven’t seen her in months and I just want to hold her close to me.

DL: Have you started any new “stay-at-home” rituals?

VISAGE: Does wearing PJ’s all day count??

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DL: How have you been feeling after your explant procedure?

VISAGE: Oh great question!! Finishing up my explant documentary as we type! It has been a year and I can’t tell you how much better I already feel. The normal detox time is about 2 years so i am looking forward to this next year and feeling better each day. It is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

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DL: What inspired your new series “How’s Your Head, Hun?”

VISAGE: I just knew that we were all in this together and I wanted to make people not think about what is happening outside for 30 mins once a week. We always see VERY wealthy people on the telly and for me, it makes me feel awful that I don’t have what they have and there is usually nothing real or relatable, so that is where we come in! As real as it gets, warts and all.

DL: Have you heard any updates on when you might be returning to your projects?

VISAGE: No word yet, but I am optimistically waiting!! I guess the diet should start soon, huh?

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DL: With pride season cancelled around the world, any special message for the LGBTQ+ community?

VISAGE: Pride season is only cancelled physically. In spirit we know why we celebrate. I hope and pray that everyone who can celebrate, does so. It is important that we continue to wave that rainbow flag and be grateful for the people that paved the way. HAPPY PRIDE!!! I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!

How’s Your Head, Hun? Is streaming now on WOWPresents Plus. Put on your best quarantine kimono, grab a drink, and enjoy!

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