Miz Cracker-On Returning For “RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 5”, What It Will Be Like To Return To Live Performing, & Being More Open This Time Around

In the world of RuPaul’s Drag Race dolls, Miz Cracker is one of the ones who fans have most frequently asked to return for an All Stars season. They got their wish this season, as Cracker returned for RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 5 and made it to Top Three. A new and more open Cracker was showcased on the runway this season, but with the same polish and ability to interpret a runway theme like almost no one else. I sat down with Cracker to talk about her return to the Drag Race main stage, her thoughts on returning to performing post-pandemic, and when we could expect some new music.


Miz Cracker: I always say, RuPaul is like your bladder in your thirties; when she calls, you go (laughs).

MC: What was your entire RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 5 experience like?

Miz C: It was like skydiving; a lot of faith, and a lot of fear, but a thrill.

MC: Your style is still very quintessentially Miz Cracker, but you have truly shown to have expanded your craft and you have truly grown as a performer and as a performer. How do you think you have changed since your first Drag Race run?


Miz C: I think I went from Easter egg to Faberge egg. I mean, it’s still the same thing, but there is definitely a different approach.

MC: On the season if Lip Sync Assassins, you are ironically the Lip Sync Assassin of All Stars 5. What is it like to have performers against some true All Stars that you have never gotten to compete against before?

Miz C: It was actually like I really got to show the world what I do for a living and that was a relief.

MC: Was there a lip sync assassin that could have been reveled that you would have been intimated by or really would have wanted to lip sync against?


Miz C: I was really ready to take on anybody. I would have loved to have taken on Kameron (Michaels) again. I think everyone was hoping for that. Kameron and I have such a fun and playful relationship right now, I think it would be like a celebration instead of a competition.

MC: Your single “She’s A Woman” is amazing and the video (directed by Brad Hammer) is like the best kind of eye candy. Do you think we can expect to see more music?

Miz C: I wasn’t thinking about it until recently, but I might for the holidays….We will see…

MC: Do you see a world where you are able to get back to performing in front of people having meet and greets?


Miz C: Well first of all, I can’t wait. Second of all, I think it is possible. Theatre is like love-it finds a away. There have never been times in human history without theatre. Look out, it’s happening again. I’m dancing in a mask (laughs)!

MC: You were very honest this time around on All Stars about your insecurities and truly forcing yourself to be imperfect, as well as your feelings on being alone sometimes. Did you go into the show wanting to be that vulnerable?

Miz C: I think people wanted me to open up. I felt like it was a responsibility of mine to not play it safe. I think opening up is part of not playing it safe. I certainly didn’t either, I was a loose cannon!

MC: What have you done during quarantine to keep yourself creatively fueled?

Miz C: I really literally have been building tiny houses out of popsicle sticks with hot glue and an exacto knife (laughs). That is because the best way to fuel yourself, is to take a break from yourself. I continue to do drag almost every day, but I take a break away from it to refuel and recharge by doing something else.

Follow Miz Cracker on her website: https://mizcracker.com/

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