More Bad News For ‘Straight Pride’ Organizers

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More bad news for the organizers of the so-called ‘Straight Pride Parade’ scheduled to happen in Boston on August 31.

In an entry on the group’s website, Super Happy Fun America (SHFA), organizer Mark Sahady shares that PayPal has “permanently limited” their account. This apparently means the group can’t collect any more donations via the popular online money transfer service.

Sahady shares a letter from PayPal which says the SHFA website violates PayPal’s Acceptable Use Policy.

The letter goes on to say SHFA can still withdraw whatever funds are in their account, but the organizers are to “remove all references to PayPal” from their site.

Sahady spins this as – you guessed it – intolerant ’heterophobia.’ 

As Instinct has previously reported, numerous corporations have refused to do business or be associated with the group.

All of these companies have refused to associate with SHFA

Netflix, TripAdvisor, Bank of America and many more have sent cease-and-desist letters to SHFA for using their logos on the ‘Straight Pride Parade’ website.

In his blog post, Sahady tries to take credit for a recent drop in Netflix’s stock saying, “Thanks to all our fans who canceled their accounts in protest at the intolerance for our Straight Pride movement.”

In reality, the drop in stock price at Netflix occurred after reporting second-quarter earnings which missed target numbers. It was the first-ever drop in global growth. 

All of that took place between April and June – before Netflix sent its cease and desist letter.

In other words – liars.

Several observers, including Fox News pundit Jesse Watters, have questioned the intentions of the group asking if they are just “trying to be provocative” as a response to LGBTQ Pride Month.

In fact, the organizers of the Boston march have been shown to have ties to violent extremist groups like the Proud Boys, whose chairman is scheduled to speak at the event.

NowThis has compiled this report exposing the wild, exaggerated claims by the organizers.

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