Most Handsome Face Sentenced to Three Years

Model and actor Paing Takhon from Myanmar was named the world’s Most Handsome Face of 2021 on December 27 after rising to prominence for being the ‘hot monk’ in his viral social media posts.

The Burmese actor had been in several films and TV series in Myanmar before he started to create buzz.

Instagram @paing_takhon

Unfortunately, his recognition of being the most handsome face of 2021 was eclipsed as was reportedly sentenced to three years in jail with hard labor this week, according to his legal team and the BBC.

Takhon was arrested in April, following his public support of the anti-coup protests in Myanmar. The 24-year-old was seen at several demonstrations and marches as well as sharing his support on social media.

Following claims of election fraud, protests began in February following a military coup which included the detention of senior government officials and civilian leader Aung San Suu Kyi. Over 7,000 people have since been arrested and more than 1,000 killed in relation to the protests. Those numbers continue to rise.

Takhon is not the only celebrity who has been arrested in connection to the protests. A Myanmar beauty pageant winner who spoke out against the coup and a well-known comedian have also been detained. Many Burmese natives living in the U.S. are also mobilizing to have their voices heard like actor and model Okkar Min Maung.


The political unrest in Myanmar continues to rise and this situation is developing. No updates on Takhon since his sentencing.

Instagram @paing_takhon

Source: BBC


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  1. Most guys are admiring his good looks without reading and understanding the horrible human rights abuses in Myanmar. This guy and the rest of these political prisoners will be out of site, out of mind on this site once the story is replaced by the next eye candy.


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