“My Name is Levi Davis, and My Life is in Danger.”

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I was hoping to provide a healthier update almost four months later, but unfortunately that is not the case.

Levi Davis, who made history as the first openly bisexual rugby player, is still missing after leaving a bar in Barcelona on October 29, 2022. 


Davis, age 24, took a break from rugby to compete in the 2019 edition of X Factor UK, which was comprised of all celebrity participants. As part of a three-piece man-band, Davis finished in fifth place overall before returning to professional sports. He last played as a wing for the Worthing Raiders before being sidelined by an injury.

Levi and a friend traveled to Ibiza in October 2022 as the X Factor UK alumni was getting ready to release new music. The following morning, he informed his buddy via text message that he left Ibiza and traveled to Barcelona on his own accord to meet with friends. Soon after, he was declared missing and the infamous CCTV footage of Levi leaving a bar on October 29, 2022 was released to the public. 

He has not been seen since. 


However, since my original article in November, several details and theories behind his vanishing have come to light. 

First, his cell phone is still in use despite the rugby player being missing for 4 months. After making news around the world for his mysterious whereabouts, Levi sent his mother a voice memo confirming that he was indeed in Barcelona and enjoying the sights so much so that he was finding inspiration for new music. Also, a text message sent by one of his friends, pleading for his return, was suddenly marked as read weeks after being delivered

Second, Levi, or whoever he is with, still has access to social media. According to reports, over 38 messages from various contacts were deleted from his inbox on Instagram in the weeks after he went missing. A private investigator hired by the family theorizes that these messages may contain vital information in regard to his whereabouts.


Then, there’s the very real possibility that Levi left Ibiza under distress as unconfirmed reports state that he was on the run from mobsters due to a $120,000 loan. These unconfirmed reports also state that Levi was probably drowned after failing to repay the loan, however, officials have not commented on this idea. Unfortunately, this theory could hold true as Levi posted a video after vanishing where he states that his life is in danger. In addition, the $120,000 could also be a blackmail number as rumors swirl of a sex tape taken without consent and under the influence. 

Now, within the last several days, Davis’ missing person’s case was handed over to a new crime unit due to “disturbing, new evidence.” The crime unit has declined to comment on what the new evidence contains. 

While it seems unlikely that Levi Davis will return home safely, I just hope that his family will be able to find peace during this difficult time. 

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