Nashom Wooden – A Legacy Is Fiercely Remembered A Year Later

This week, many in the country marked the entirety of a year going by through a global pandemic. New York City’s nightlife community saw many social media memories shared that reflected on the loss of the dynamic force of nature known as Mona Foot (Nashom Wooden) who the community lost early in the pandemic. 


I wrote a piece on Nashom’s passing and his impact on the world for this publication immediately after I heard the news. Part superhero/part supernova, Nashom shined brightly on anyone that he was close to. During my initial piece, I not only got to tell my own story of meeting Nashom (glistening smile & all) outside the now-legendary Boy Bar in New York City, but I shared a number of stories from fellow New York nightlife colleagues and friends about what Nashom meant to them as well. 

To commemorate the one-year anniversary of Nashom’s passing, Nashom’s close friend and colleague, nightlife denizen Frankie Sharp crafted a stunning tribute to Nashom (for The NYC Virtual 2020 Glam Awards). Edited by Toby Teitel, Sharp collected a cavalcade of nightlight notables to speak about what Nashom meant to them. From New York City drag performers, Lola Michelle-Kiki & Kareem McJagger to New York City legends like Miss Guy & Shequida to Paul Alexander & JoJo Americo (who performed with Nashom as part of The Ones), they all shared their warmest memories and their fondest kikis. The tribute would not have been complete without including Geoffrey Mac, fashion designer and Project Runway winner who shared a very special bond with Wooden. 

Sherry Vine, a longtime friend of Wooden, who contributed to the video and worked with Mona Foot for decades, shared the video below saying simply “I can’t believe it’s already been a year since we lost the electrifying and amazing Mona Foot/Nashom Wooden. One of the last times I saw Nashom was to film an episode of our series ‘Know Your Gay-B-C’s”

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