Netflix Reveals That ‘The Circle’ Season 5 Will Have a New Twist

One of Netflix’s most popular reality shows, ‘The Circle,’ is set to return just in time before 2022 ends, and the streaming platform revealed that the show will come back with a new twist!

It has been a little more than half a year after the last season concluded, and the fan favorite series will finally return for a fifth season titled ‘The Circle: Singles.’ The upcoming installation will have competitors who are all single, and Netflix revealed that the show will have a romantic twist.

As per Cinema Blend, Season 5 will feature:


“Romantically available” contestants [who] will once again be jockeying for popularity with their fellow co-stars, who are also trapped in small apartments with only social media as a means of communication.”

As for the competitors, the first contestants who will be participating in the show include: Brett Robinson, Brian Clark (aka Brittney), Billie-Jean Blackett (aka) Bruno, Chaz Lawery, Marvin Achi, Oliver Twixt, Raven Sutton, Sam Carmona, Tasia Lesley (aka Tamira), Tom Houghton, and Xanthi Perdikomatis.


‘The Circle: Singles’ is scheduled to premiere on Netflix on December 28 with Episodes 1 to 4. Thereafter, four new episodes will air every Wednesday, and the Finale Episode will be released on January 18.


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