Netflix’s ‘The Sandman’ Brings Us A Possible New Lust Object

Tom Sturridge is Morpheus, the titular character in Netflix’s original series, ‘The Sandman.’ (Photo Credit: Netflix via @NetflixGeeked)

When the show Lucifer first premiered In 2016, many gay men developed an undeniable lust toward Tom Ellis, the actor who played the titular character.  When Tom Ellis as Lucifer flashed his (pun intended) devilish smile and asked his signature question, “What do you desire?”, many of us wanted to answer we desired him. The end of the six-season run of Lucifer in September 2021, however, left a void in terms of a lust object.

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With the premiere of the highly anticipated Netflix original series, The Sandman, a possible replacement for Tom Ellis may have been found. Based on the comic book of the same name created by Neil Gaiman, The Sandman follows Morpheus, the King of Dreams, on his quest to reclaim his power after being imprisoned by a sorcerer for over a century. Tom Sturridge, the actor who plays Morpheus, is shown imprisoned naked in a glass bubble for most of the first episode.

It is not only seeing Sturridge in his birthday suit that makes him so damn sexy but also his soul-piercing glances and the quiet yet commanding inflection of his voice that completes the picture of the British actor as a possible lust object.


In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Sturridge talks about how his experience shooting The Sandman began with him naked during filming.


The series itself is a marvel. The first four episodes (which are all that I have watched so far) of the ten-episode first season stay true to the source material with a few minor changes that don’t have a major impact on the story.  One of the things that was directly translated from the comic to the television series was the many LGBTQ characters throughout the comic’s first two story arcs.

In an interview with The Queer Review, Gaiman explained his justification for LGBTQ characters:

“When I was writing it—and today—I had gay friends and I had trans friends. I wanted to see them represented in the comics that I was writing and it felt to me like if I wrote comics and left them out, then I wouldn’t be representing my world, or the world that I was in, or the world I was perceiving accurately, bravely, or truly.”

The trailers for The Sandman can be seen below.


The entire first season of The Sandman is now streaming on Netflix

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