New Dating App Isn’t For Hung Guys

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A New Dating App, Dinky One, Is Catering Towards Men With Small Packages And Those Who Love Them

When it comes to men – what’s your flavor? Everyone has their own particular taste. While we may hate on that eye rolling phrase “No fat, no fem, no Asian” – you know there are a ton of men who are into just that. Typically on the hook up apps, you’ll see the size queens who demand their suitor must be as hung as a horse. While a mooseknuckle in your pants may you more attention in real life and on social media – not everyone wants to break their backs. Now, those who are more inclined to find a man with a smaller member have their own niche market to find some everlasting love or love of the night.

According to Mashable, Dinky One is a new dating app that is targeting men with small penises and those who want to get to know them. Literally titling themselves as the “small penis dating site”, the official website tells that it’s creation is that men shouldn’t be embarrassed if they have a tiny snake. In fact, the site goes into supreme detail about penis size – which is somehow comforting with the amount of information given. Apparently, the average penis size for a man is 5.5inches in length. A whopping 50% of men have a penis smaller than average. What?! Now I know my friends have been lying to me about their sizes.

The official website even details micropenises… micropeni? If you’re curious, one has a micropenis if it’s smaller than 3.5inches. These men are highly encouraged to join. The site even boasts there are plenty of people – women in particular – who enjoy playing a dominant role over a man with a smaller penis. It’s a fetish. And, let’s be realistic – some people are afraid of larger dicks and pain – so this is for those who don’t like taking risks. The website is your standard dating or site like Grindr, where you can be entirely anonymous and send photos, chats, you know the drill. Let’s get real: This is a hookup website, unless someone actively wants to be wined and dined. If you’re signing up, please let me know what happens after a week of usage.

While the press images and website features heterosexual couples, all are invited to join the app. The company boasts “our site is totally free and open to all men, women, and transgender people of any sexuality.” So, let’s go boys!

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