New Mega Club Planned For Property Where ‘Rage’ Has Been For 37 Years

“The biggest gay nightclub in the USA is coming to WEHO this year.” When Los Angeles residents started to see promos on Instagram with those phrases popping up lately, the buzz immediately started throughout Boystown and beyond; as WeHo emerges from the pandemic, what was coming to one of the nation’s favorite LGBTQ areas? 

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It looks like the question has now been answered. Taking a page from close friend and fellow West Hollywood bar magnate Lisa Vanderpump, (PUMP, TomTom), Lance Bass has now signed the lease (according to WEHOville) to rent out the space in the Boystown LGBTQ district of West Hollywood where ‘Rage’ nightclub operated for 37 years. The intent is to turn the space into a brand new gay club, with no name chosen yet, and with the intent to open later this year. Last September, Robert Maghame and Saeed Sattari, ‘Rage’ owners, announced that they weren’t able to come to terms on a new lease with the owners of the property, Monte Overstreet and his husband John Cole. 


“Monte and John have been ferociously diligent in securing the perfect businesses to secure the spaces left vacant from the… pandemic and to escalate a revival of WeHo for future generations,” Scott told WEHOville.


Bass is diving into his new venture with some of the same partners that he has worked with at Rocco’s on this venture (Rocco’s is located across the street from the corner of Santa Monica and San Vincente Boulevards). This area is having a bit of an LGBTQ nightlife renaissance; Gym Bar is opening next door and Stache restaurant/nightclub is also opening just a block west from Rage. 

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  1. I am happy for all those who enjoy the gay bar dance scene. When I was in my 20’s and 30’s going out with friends and sometimes alone to the Rage and other establishments in Weho was always a great time. Every generation should get the chance to live their youth to the fullest! Enjoy !


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