New Postal Service Ad Features Gay Santa

Screenshot via YouTube video

This holiday season, Posten, Norway’s postal service, is giving us all the warm and fuzzy feels. 

Two years ago, the organization began to produce an annual holiday advert that has quickly become an anticipated part of the country’s Christmas festivities. This year’s commercial is a love story that has prompted plenty of comments. 


The four-minute ad, entitled When Harry Met Santa, plays more like a short film and honors the 50-year anniversary of Norway decriminalizing homosexuality by telling the tale of a man falling in love with Ol’ Saint Nick. While there are no subtitles, the meaning and sentiment is very clear. 

Screenshot via YouTube video

Beginning with Harry discovering Santa visiting his home, the men exchange looks, and there is an instant spark.  In subsequent years, the Harry continues to keep an eye out for Santa, but his visits are all-too-brief. During one, Santa says, “You snore. I’ll be back next year.” The next year, Santa says, “I’ve got many gifts to deliver. I’ll be back next year. Do I look nice?”

It culminates with Santa staying for a bit longer, saying he got some help from Posten and they can spend more time together. The men then kiss.


The caption at the end reads, “In 2022, it will be 50 years since it became legal to love whomever you want in Norway.”

Oda Rygh, of Norwegian LGBTQ organization FRI, explained the ad’s ultimate message to marketing magazine Kampanje. She said, “For many of us, Christmas is a time we spend with those we love, and it’s nice to see the Norway Post show that love belongs to everyone, regardless of orientation, age, or whether you live at the North Pole.”

Screenshot via YouTube video

The message is clearly resonating with people online.


“How on earth did I figure out my wish for Christmas?!? Congratulations on a beautifully crafted film. Thank you,” wrote one commenter on YouTube. 

“This needs a ‘Tissues Alert.’ It’s so beautiful. Thank you,” wrote another.

We certainly agree, and you can watch the ad below. 

13 thoughts on “New Postal Service Ad Features Gay Santa”

  1. This gave me hope!! I love the concept and how the video was beautifully made!! I have already shared on my social media!❤️❤️

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  3. Stunning ad, stunning music, but am I the only one that does not get how this has anything to do with loving who you want. For centuries, the fictional character of Santa has been straight and married to Mrs. Santa. Where is she? Is he cheating on her? Did they kill her off because she was not bringing in the ratings she used Are we going to change the sexual orientation of fictional characters and to make what point? Why not a love story with one of the elves that’s helping Santa? They are 18 or older, right? Anything but making Santa gay and single.

    I know I am going to get it, but please note I am gay liberal activist so don’t.

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  6. encapsulates so many of the emotions that swirl around the Christmas holidays – it’s exquisite, sad, hopeful, joyous and a celebration of freedom – what more could you ask for?

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