New Update on ‘Marvel’s Avengers’ Video Game Brings a Thirst Trap

Captain America (Photo Credit: Screenshot via ‘Marvel’s Avengers’ Official Twitter Account)

Video game developer Crystal Dynamics is hoping to draw players into Marvel’s Avengers game with a thirst trap. The role-playing video game with the Marvel Comics characters, available to play on Playstation 4/ 5, Xbox One/ Series X/ Series S, and PC, has been plagued with problems ever since the game was released almost a year ago.

In an update released on Thursday, July 8, Crystal Dynamics announced new skins for the playable characters in Marvel’s Avengers available for purchase in the game’s marketplace. Among the new skins was a white outfit for Black Widow, a cross-promotional item tied to the newest MCU film about the aforementioned character. 

The skin that is bound to create some thirsty tweets, memes, etc. is the American Dream Outfit for Captain America.  On the Marvel’s Avengers official Twitter account, this skin was announced in a tweet with a nine-second video showing the Star-Spangled Man do a super-hero landing with his shield and wearing no shirt. The reactions to the tweet were priceless.

(Photo Credit: Screenshot via ‘Marvel’s Avengers’ Official Twitter Account)
(Photo Credit: Screenshot via ‘Marvel’s Avengers’ Official Twitter Account)
(Photo Credit: Screenshot via ‘Marvel’s Avengers’ Official Twitter Account)



This isn’t the first time that fans have been treated to a Captain America thirst trap.  First of all, Chris Evans is a thirst trap unto himself, and even though it was for laughs, there was a joke made in Avengers: Endgame about Captain America’s ass.

In another story about Captain America, Dean Cain, former Superman from the ABC show Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman and current Trump cultist took to Fox News to whine about the “woke” Captain America in the new Marvel Comics miniseries, The United States of Captain America.

Cain’s appearance on Fox & Friends trended on Twitter with numerous tweeters calling out the actor for his lack of talent and his politics.


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6 thoughts on “New Update on ‘Marvel’s Avengers’ Video Game Brings a Thirst Trap”

  1. WHY are they trying to even remotely make Captain America gay? He’s the epitome of a normal hetero male and an American hero!

    Marvel just needs to make up another gay hero and call him “Captain Rainbow” or “Captain Booty Humper”

  2. I’m so sorry you all feel attacked for.your opinions on whether or not people should be able to find joy in their lives 🙄🙄🙄

  3. Actual fans feel exactly the same way Dean Cain does about Marvels new shitbag version of Captain America! Those who are claiming to like it had probably never read a comic before that in their life! They come out & pretend to be fans to push their communist bullshit!

    • Except all the fans who feel the opposite who you will immediately discount as not actual fans….
      Next you will tell us the statue of liberty is too woke because of the inscription on it.

    • I’m a huge comic book fan 20+ years! I’m perfectly fine with what cap said and I agree.

      Like a typical conservative we either have to agree with your or we’re your enemy. Which other “cult” was like this to?


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