Chris Evans’ Brother Scares Him While His Pants Are Unbuckled: Watch

Credit: Chris Evans Instagram

Whether he knows it or not Chris Evans has made a massive impact on pop culture in 2020. And he’s done so not necessarily by his fantastic acting efforts (his Apple TV mini-series Defending Jacob is worth the binge) but simply by being a super dreamy guy.

The Captain America star’s tour of sexiness continued on Thanksgiving courtesy of his equally cute brother Scott


Scott, being the cheeky devil that he is, scared the living crap out of Chris who just happened to be rocking a somewhat revealing outfit during the hilarious footage.

Chris was flexing his vocals as he made his way through the hall before Scott startled him by screaming his name. He looked super adorable in a grey tank top that put his massive muscles on display as well as dark pants with his belt unbuckled. 


“Finally got a good scare on this guy,” Scott captioned his Instagram story. “And yes, even @chrisevans needs to unbuckle his belt after a big Thanksgiving meal.”

This holiday-related moment is just one of many that had us glued to our cell phone and computer screens when it came to the hunky actor. Here are 5 more that got our attention in 2020.

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The Pic. Chris accidentally leaked a photo of his nether region to the world in September. He was in the middle of a game of Heads Up and shared the video with his 5.7 million Instagram followers but failed to trim it completely before uploading. What followers saw, instead, was his gallery of videos where spotted on the grid was a very girthy and pronounced image of a penis.

The Follow Up. The 39-year-old capitalized on all the publicity he was receiving by doing a 180 and turning the focus on the upcoming election. “Now that I have your attention VOTE Nov 3rd!!!” he wrote two days after the fiasco first broke. 


The Pool Boy. Chris showed off his fit body, impressive tattoos and flexibility when he posted an Instagram story of him doing a backflip into his pool. 10’s across the board!

The Chest. He posted a snap of his adorable dog Dodger lying peacefully on his chest. As cute as that was we were kind of focused elsewhere.


The Piano. Chris gave each of his fans an intimate performance earlier this month where he played the piano while gazing into our soul midway through the clip. 

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