Nicky Champa and Pierre Boo Open Up About Their Breakup

Nicky Champa and Pierre Boo recently posted a YouTube video, opening up about the reason why the two of them decided to part ways after getting married in August 2022.

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The social media stars have been a couple since 2017, and they announced their split back in July of this year. Thereafter, they posted a breakup video on YouTube, which they believe will serve as “a closure for everyone.”


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“I think we both believe that we owed you guys this video as a closure for everyone, for us too,” Pierre stated at the beginning of the video.

Nicky then clarified that their social media fame is not the reason for their breakup, expressing:

“There’s this misconception that social media destroyed our relationship, which I don’t think is true … it complicated it.”


“We felt responsible for what we’ve created, what we’ve built together,” Pierre added.

The 32-year-old French social media star continued by confirming their split, stating:

“We have broken up. It’s official … In order to keep growing, we’re making that decision that we both believe is positive because it is in order for us to both keep growing and thrive in this life.”

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Nicky further talked about the aspect of personal growth, and how it can become a reason for two people to eventually part ways.

“You know when you meet somebody, you meet them at a certain point in life … at a certain point you start to either grow even closer to each other or you go away. You have to pick yourself first and I think right now we’re both picking ourselves first,” the 27-year-old YouTuber explained.

Watching the video, it is evident that a level of love, care and respect for each other remain between the ex-couple. In fact, towards the end of the video, Nicky became emotional after the two of them expressed their support for each other.

(c) YouTube: Nicky and Pierre

Pierre was there to comfort him though, assuring him that it’s okay… You can watch their breakup video here:


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  1. The way Pierre keeps looking at Nicky to make sure he’s okay 😥 These two were one of my favorite gay couples online. So sad.


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