Nicola Coughlan Is Now Making Music for Gay Men!

Nicola Coughlan is set to release music for gay men, even sharing a snippet of the song “Shoes…More Shoes”, and her fellow celebs couldn’t be more excited!


It all started with an interview with Hits Radio UK, where Coughlan and her ‘Bridgerton’ co-star Luke Newton were asked about their dream jobs outside of acting. And to that, the Irish actress said that she would like to make music for gay men like they do on ‘Real Housewives’, where they list down expensive things like “shoes, private yachts, caviar, more shoes.”

A clip from the interview was posted on the outlet’s TikTok account, and you can check it out here:


Someone put #nicolacoughlan in the real housewives immediately #bridgerton #lukenewton #penelopefeatherington #colinbridgerton #realhousewives

♬ original sound – Hits Radio UK


Thereafter, @ellismiah on TikTok remixed Coughlan’s interview snippet into a club song, and it has gone viral.


Lets get Nicola Coughlan here dream job and make her a club icon! #bridgerton #houseremix #nicolacoughlan #nicolacoughlanedit #bridgertontiktok #shoesprivateyactcaviarmoreshoes #spycms #gaytiktok #gaypride @nicolacoughlan

♬ Nicola Coughlan shoes private yacht Ellis Miah – ellis

Meanwhile, Coughlan posted about releasing the full song on Instagram, writing:



In my making music almost exclusively for gay men era

Full Track Coming Soon- Presave link in stories

Raising funds for @notaphaseorg & @trevorproject”

The official release of the song aims to raise funds for The Trevor Project and Not A Phase, which are organizations that support the LGBTQ+ community. 


As mentioned, a lot of celebrities are excited for Coughlan’s gay music era, and here are some of their enthusiastic comments:

“I C O N,” ‘Heartstopper’s Joe Locke wrote.

“I’m dead, can the bi girls get a piece of this please??,” Wicked’ star Cynthia Erivo expressed.

“NICOLA CAN I GET ON THE REMIX,” singer-songwriter Betty Who suggested.

“Okay we have our playlist for tonite ready,” ‘Queer Eye’s Jonathan Van Ness also commented.


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