Nobody Doesn’t Like Sara Lee, But Does SL Like SNL?

How did a snack company respond to having their image paired with a little threesome action? 



On this weekend’s installment of Saturday Night Live with host and musical guest Harry Styles, a not so innocent skit had a little fun with Sara Lee and its social media in the form of Harry Styles character’s semi incompetence in doing his job.

Cecily Strong and Bowen Yang play Styles’ superior and mentor as they raise some questions about some recent posts. We covered the skit in Watch: “SNL” Host Harry Styles Plays a Thirsty, Kinda Sad, Queer Social Media Manager

The skit showing Styles using the fictional Sara Lee Instagram account instead of his personal account to post thirst posts has lead to the real thing.


The comments started coming in immediately onto the real Sara Lee Instagram page.  Most of the comments mimicked what they had seen on the show, but some fans were creative. Here are some quick snap shots of Sara Lee’s Instagram posts, like the one above. 



There’s no bad press, right?  Well … Sara Lee was receiving so many “colorful” comments on its social media accounts, that it decided to turn off commenting on Instagram.  We don’t blame SL, I mean, this flood of “open throat” comments and eggplants just came out of nowhere. 


What did SNL have to say about that?  Yang took to his twitter to say:


It’s all in fun from SNL and SL putting the breaks on the comments was a nice, simple, and a respectful response. Maybe Sara Lee is like Styles’ character, taking one for the team.


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