Not Even Lindsay Lohan Can Keep a Good Bartender Down!

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An island paradise with a group of fun-loving partiers sounds amazing until your ex washes ashore and airs your dirty laundry to the entire mansion. That’s the premise of the hit MTV series Ex on the Beach, a show about rekindling love, sparking new flames and elimination your competition. Cast members are comprised of former reality TV stars, giving a second wind to their time in the limelight while aiming for a quick ratings grab. The fifth season’s premiere is slated to air on March 31, 2022 and I don’t recognize any faces in the cast except Derynn Paige from Double Shot at Love and Mike Mulderrig from Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club.

Oh, right. I’m sure you’ve already forgotten about Lindsay Lohan’s second reality show. 2019’s Beach Club saw Lindsay fly nine event coordinators and wait-staff to Mykonos, Greece to compete for their chance to become a brand ambassador for her resort. The show was honestly a big fucking mess and focused more on the drama between cast members when they weren’t working at the resort. And who could forget one of the most shocking episodes of the one and only season when Mike Mulderrig sent Lohan & Co into a meltdown by exposing his bare ass to the beach goers? Gasp! Not man ass!


I’m trying to find a clip to share of the entire event, but apparently the show wasn’t popular enough to warrant any splicing.

After the show, Mike launched his own YouTube channel that documents his shenanigans, story times, life as a bartender and everything in between. I’m not ashamed to say that I’ve dropped in on his social media pages every few months because he’s actually pretty cute! I was thrilled to see that he was cast in the new season of Ex on the Beach, which he hinted about on his YouTube channel many months ago. Since Ex on the Beach happens to be messy in every sense of the word, I hope what transpires this vacation doesn’t ruin my opinion of him. Because, again, he’s actually super cute.

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Take a gander at Mike Mulderrig below and tune in for the premiere of Ex on the Beach on March 31, 2022 on MTV.




Sources: MTV, Deadline

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