NPH Reveals How He Keeps His Kids Entertained During Quarantine

Credit: Neil Patrick Harris Instagram

The boredom millions of us have had to deal with during quarantine has been a lot. It can be that much trickier when its not just you meaning a boyfriend/husband and/or kids are part of your every day routine.

Imagination to the rescue! Neil Patrick Harris has come up with a brilliant solution on how he and husband David Burtka have expertly kept their twins Harper and Gideon‘s spirits up amid a very frustrating time in the world. 


“It’s been important for us to try and treat each day as if it’s unique,” the How I Met Your Mother star said in a recent Romper interview. “Whether that be we have a themed night for dinner, or whether it be we find a good documentary that we can all watch together. Just to differentiate the days so that they don’t all wind up blurring together.”

They took their millions of fans inside one of those themed dinners when NPH hopped on Instagram Live earlier this month for a “make your own sushi” extravaganza with his family. 


There’s still problems outside of his and David’s control that they must deal with like their kids attending school from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“They’re still only running around with each other, so they get antsy and more cantankerous, I think than they would if they had after school group sporting activities and more playdates. But we’re trying to make the best of it.” 


Regardless the married couple has enjoyed all the extra time they’ve been having with their twins as this pandemic rages on. “We’ve gotten to learn more about them, share more with them, and really spend every single day together as opposed to some parts of the day with each other,” NPH says. “And while it does have its drawbacks, I hope that we look back on this last year and find more than a few silver linings of bonding and sort of intimacy that we wouldn’t have shared otherwise.”

NPH & David are two of the many famous gay couples who are parents. Others, who have proudly showed off their babies on social media over the years, include Ricky Martin & Jwan Yosef and Jesse Tyler Ferguson & Justin Mikita

Then there are other gay men we know and love who are raising their kid or kids while single. Some of those admirable guys include Anderson Cooper, Andy Cohen and Karamo Brown

Sourcing: Romper. 

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