NYC’s Lagoona Bloo Reaches Out With Her New Single ‘Hands’

The members of Stephanie’s Child are each taking over the world in their own individual ways right now, and Lagoona Bloo is taking the opportunity to dip her toe into the waters of a phenomenal solo project. With an upcoming solo EP (aptly titled Aqua) this magnificent mermaid drag queen is dropping her latest single “Hands” as the second release (following the phenomenal response of first single ‘Greedy With My Love’). Lagoona describes the EP as a door into the relationship highs and lows and a feisty, juicy, body-positive Latina. Bloo co-wrote ‘Hands’ with SIXFOOT 5, who also produced Aqua


“’Hands is about that person that you are crazy about and wish you could get a little physical with” Lagoona Bloo explains. “It’s about wanting to be wanted, desired, and touched! Like, don’t tell me you like me. Say it with your hands because I want to feel it.”

This year, everyone got to see Lagoona Bloo and her drag sister Selma Nilla (herself already a bit of a kitchen maven) go from the stage to the kitchen on the Season 5 of the Netflix baking competition Nailed It! “I’m not a baker so this was super out of my comfort zone! My nails were popping off. I was running around the little kitchen and my dress ripped halfway through! We had so much fun. There have never been drag queens on the show so I think it’s going to be a joy to watch,” Lagoona says.


Lagoona Bloo’s “Hands” will be available on Spotify, Apple Music and all streaming platforms on March 30.

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