Lagoona Bloo Delivers Her Debut Single “Greedy With My Love”

When members of girl groups step out on their own on individual projects, it is all too often, filled with acrimony and drama. The members of Stephanie’s Child though, are taking a different approach. While their holiday album Christmas Dolls showed the dolls at their most fiercely festive, each of the ladies are now blossoming in their own stunning way. Jan had a standout season on RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 12, while Rosé is currently wowing fans on Season 13 of Drag Race. Lagoona Bloo recently appeared with The American Pops and Representative Brian Sims (among other Drag Race standouts) at Drag Out The Holly, and this week she debuted one of her most intimate projects yet; Lagoona dropped her self written debut single ‘Greedy With My Love’.


Lagoona recently said on Facebook “Greedy With My Love” is the first song I’ve ever written. In the midst of the daily horrors that were happening in the early quarantine 2020, my only solace was sitting by the window in my old apartment and writing melodies and lyrics that lived in my head. I had taken a break from drag, was recovering from Covid, and focused my creativity on something new.”

She went on to say “For most of my life, I’ve envisioned myself standing in front of a huge crowd of people performing my own pop music – but didn’t know anything about making that dream a reality. With nothing but time on my hands, I just sang into my phone over and over again pouring out the many frustrations of my personal life that the pandemic forced me to face, be it my self-esteem issues, my past relationships, and my insecurities about love. I met my incredible producer, turned best friend/creative partner Carson Elliott in a “right place/right time” situation in the middle of summer when restrictions slowly began to lift in the city. (Thank you Givi Garcia 😋) We had met a few times years prior but somehow our paths crossed again just when we needed it most. I showed him this shitty little voice note on my phone and he looked up at me and said – “I want to make this song with you” and the rest is history.


“Greedy With My Love” is a dark dance/pop anthem about not wanting to share your toys (love) and owning the ferocity of that statement!  I am so deeply humbled to have this platform and I’m so thrilled to share this monumental step forward in my career with all of you. This is only the beginning. There is so much more to come.” #Aqua

With her Stephanie’s Child sisters Jan & Rose making such high profile splashes on Drag Race, the inevitable question continues to be if Lagoona herself could make an appearance on the Drag Race main stage. Now while Jan told me last year that she thinks her Stephanie’s Child sisters would knock it out of the park on Drag Race, Lagoona’s first small screen stop for 2021 is on Season 5 of Nailed It. She looks to be joining fellow New York City doll Selma Nilla (herself an expert in the kitchen with her online cooking series Cluck That) on the next season of the Netflix smash, which will have the contestants competing in teams this season. 

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