Oh, Honey! The Alleged ‘All Stars 5’ Cast is Deliciously Wonderful

Credit: Screenshot via VH1 YouTube

Please, PLEASE, take this list with a grain of salt. Nothing is confirmed just yet. 

Pride.com reported on the alleged list of cast members for RuPaul’s Drag Race: All Stars 5 earlier this week, and it looks absolutely scrumptious.


This appears to be an old vs new type situation for AS5, as half of the rumored cast is from the beginning seasons while the others are from eight and on.

No one listed is from seasons four through seven, which is kind of a shame as there are still a ton of competitors from those that haven’t had their chance to shine on All Stars just yet (Joslyn Fox, Trinity K. Bonet, Jaidynn Diore Fierce, etc).

The alleged group that was chosen, however, is nothing short of fierce. There are a couple who have competed on All Stars in the past and many that have yet to get their chance to win the coveted crown. 

If this is the cast, then I’m definitely excited to see what they bring to the competition as I loved what each of them did during their original iteration on the Emmy winning series.


Now, without further ado, is the ALLEGED cast of All Stars 5. Who is your pick to win out of this fabulous group? 


Alexis Mateo: Season 3, All Stars 1



Blair St. Clair: Season 10

Derrick Barry: Season 8


India Ferrah: Season 3


Jujubee: Season 2, All Stars 1


Mariah Balenciaga: Season 3


Mayhem Miller: Season 10


Miz Cracker: Season 10


Ongina: Season 1


Shea Coulee: Season 9







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