Oh My! A Better Look At Jennifer Lopez’s Dreamy Backup Dancers

Credit: Jamal DeAndre Instagram

Jennifer Lopez and Shakira put on arguably one of the best Super Bowl Halftime shows in history on Sunday, February 2. The 10+ minute extravaganza had so many jaw-dropping moments from beginning to end that kept many of us on the edge of ours seats. Gay Twitter exploded during and after the unbelievable performance, where many went into overdrive for the Latina pop divas, their costumes and the full-on fireworks spectacular, not to mention J. Lo’s absurdly hot dancers that we happened to enjoy for more than one reason that night.


Let’s keep it real here… those men were and are fine as hell. They even have their own popular Instagram account called @jlodancers that boasts over 70,000 followers (which more than likely spiked after the show ended on Sunday). They were a key part in helping the Hustlers actress shine bright like a diamond (heyyyy Rihanna reference) as the show continued and we were grateful to see them bust a move in their very revealing attire.

Take a look at some of the men who lit up the SB stage and made us break a sweat a little.


Chris Anthony Rivera


Maniek Mariusz Kotarski


Michael Ramos


Lance Savali

Randall Watson


Michael Metuakore


Karlito Cineas


Willie Gomez



Zavion Brown


Luke Johnson



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