Super Bowl Half-Time Was A Gay Fantasy Come To Life

L-R Shakira, JLo at the LIV Super Bowl (screen capture)

So, the world seems split on the much-talked-about J.Lo/Shakira performance during last night’s Super Bowl half-time show.

As Instinct contributor Corey Andrew noted there seems to be some hypocrisy in how Janet Jackson’s Super Bowl performance was viewed differently compared to last night’s Latin spectacular. Click over to Corey’s post to get his full take.

There was also some disagreement on why it’s ok for a male rocker to parade around shirtless during his Super Bowl performance but 40+ Latina women being all sexy and empowered seemed to be “too much?” #hypocrisy

Throw in a bit of political point-making with JLo singing “Born in the USA” with a Puerto Rican flag and children in illuminated cages and you can see how the ladies gave folks something to talk about in addition to hips that don’t lie.

But we want to know what did YOU think, readers? In case you missed it, here’s the full 14-minute performance.

Gay Twitter immediately went into overdrive living not only for the Latina pop divas but their beefy back-up dancers, the sequins/fringe costumes and the full-on fireworks spectacular.


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