‘Old Masculinity’ Delivers A Time Capsule of Hot Homoerotic Goodies

Vintage gay male erotica magazine covers

I’m not sure how you boys feel about this, but I am a big fan of vintage homoerotica — especially from the 1970s. I mean, I can appreciate that so many of you guys out there are trying to get rid of every follicle of hair on your bodies, even bleaching and waxing your anus to get that smooth raw chicken cutlet look. But for me, I love to see men more au naturale celebrating their furriness. And in no other time was that more evident in gay porn than in the 60s and 70s.

Granted, furry men and bear culture are significant trends today and make for really fun times and some very hairy situations. But still, there’s something even sexier about seeing men of the past bare all with their big lamb chop sideburns, bushy hair or long hair on their heads, thick Marlboro Man-porn staches, and glorious body hair. 



Well, while doing an internet search for such images, I happened upon a terrific resource on Twitter for vintage erotic photos. The Twitter account “Old Masculinity” or “OM” is an arousing delight of curated images of beautiful homoerotica from decades past. Though NSFW, I encourage you to check it out if you’re into porn from the past.


There is something for everyone on Old Masculinity and in various mediums from photos and illustrations to salvaged marquees, ads, book covers and of course porn images —from eras as far back as the 1930s. For me, I got nostalgic (among other things) while explicitly looking at the posts of 80s gay magazine covers like Mandate — a magazine I used to buy and sneak and read in the basement as a teenager.  


I love the way Old Masculinity has brought together so much content of gay erotic history like a sexy time capsule of archives. I encourage you to visit for your viewing pleasure and not just for cheap thrills. There is something beautiful and artistic about the page and with poignance in a historical aspect. It’s quite fascinating in that regard when you consider how AIDS would ultimately emerge and change the celebratory landscape of sexual gay male freedom on display in much of the imagery. 


I’m not sure who is the curator of the Old Masculinity account though it appears he is located in Spain, and the page has gained an impressive following of nearly 70k. I am now one of those followers. From 1950s boy next door types to 1940s gay hung sailors and 1970s shag haircut, mustached horse-hung guys in jockstraps, the content is sure to …eh hem, get a rise out of you.

But anyway, enough lip service from me on this. Head on over to Old Masculinity and see for yourself …and tell them Instinct Magazine sent you!

7 thoughts on “‘Old Masculinity’ Delivers A Time Capsule of Hot Homoerotic Goodies”

  1. And I remember Blueboy, full of younger fairhaired guys with big hardons. I actually topped one in Key West in the 80s. 😈

  2. The sad thing is that pretty much everyone in these old pics are dead from AIDS or old age. Oh well, it is what it is.

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