Olympic Events That Might Be Most Popular Viewing For The Gays Are…

Whether or not you think the Olympics should have been canceled this year, (I actually don’t think it is was the best idea given we are still somewhat in a Pandemic), they have started and are happening as I write this article. Like many of us, I have always LOVED watching the Olympics growing up – Greg Louganis! Kerri Strug! Michael Phelps! Janet Evans! –  it felt like you were watching along with the whole world. {Watching Team USA right now try to overcome a loss in the first set of beach volleyball to take set two, it’s 9-9 right now!}

Here are some events that might draw huge ratings from the LGBTQ community



I know nothing about equestrian or dressage and I have never been to a polo match but during the Olympics, I am all for horses. The daughter of Bruce Springsteen is competing on Team USA and the team is expected to medal. 

Fun facts: it is the only Olympic sport involving an animal and there has been an out athlete competing in this sport in every games since 1988. This year Dutch gay couple Edward Gal and Hans Peter Minderhoud are competing together! 



The eyes of the entire world will probably be tuned it to watch Laurel Hubbard from New Zealand compete in the women’s 87kg category. Hubbard, who is transgender, will be making history just by competing. Here is hoping Hubbard gets on the medal stand!



Eye candy eye candy eye candy. Hot guys with perfect bodies in speedos! (See also water polo!) There are two publicly out divers competing this time around. New Zealand diver Anton Down-Jenkins and a little-known British diver named Tom Daley.



Superstar Daley is here for his fourth, and at 27 maybe the final time. NBC is probably happy he made the team again – when Daley dives ratings go through the roof! hmmm, I wonder why lol.



Gymnastics, swimming, and track and field are the big three at the Olympics. While there are no publicly out athletes competing this year expect the queer community to turn in en masse. Who doesn’t love the pageantry of rhythmic gymnastics? My favorite is the vault competition as the gymnast runs down the mat and hurls their body in the air flipping, twisting, turning. STICK THE LANDING! 

Two Americans to watch are veteran Sam Mikulak, at 28, aiming for redemption after finishing 7th in Rio, and young upstart Brody Malone who at 21, was voted “hardest working athlete” by his Stanford University teammates.






Talk about eye candy, the rowers might just be the strongest guys competing. Cheer on American out athlete Julian Venonsky and the rest of his teammates as they hope to medal. The USA won bronze medals in London (coxless four) and in Beijing (coxless eight).


Speaking of the Americans winning bronze in 2012 the internet is still in awe of rower Henrik Rummel for something much more than his rowing. #rummelbulge 

photo credit: facebook/outbox21.



Another tentpole event. Even though it was the World Cup and not the Olympics Brandi Chastain ripping off her jersey as the USA won gold is a defining moment in sports and American history. Team USA is bouncing back from their earlier loss to Sweden as they are now up 6-1 against New Zealand. Four members of Team USA are publicly out – Tierna Davidson, Adrianna Franch, Kelly O’Hara, and Megan Rapinoe.



If you ask people about their favorite event at the Summer Olympics, there is a good chance they will say swimming. As a former swimmer, I love watching the relay team events, especially the 4×100 medley relay. Backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly, freestyle. (I was a breaststroker.) Out American Erica Sullivan is competing and Marcus Thornmeyer will be representing for all of Canada.


Did your favorite Olympic event make the list? Are you going to be watching the Games this year? Sound off in the comments below. (Check out the entire list of Out athletes competing for Team USA here.)

photo credit: theadvocate.com

Sources: Outsports


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