Omar Apollo Replies to a Negative Comment on His Thirst Trap

Omar Apollo recently clapped back at a comment shaming his sexy pic, which is a mirror selfie of him fully clothed, but his tight jeans clearly accentuating his privates…

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The 26-year-old American singer-songwriter posted the photo during the lead-up to his “Live For Me” EP’s release. 


“EP in 3 days,” he simply wrote on his tweet with the thirst trap and EP track list attached.

Some people weren’t as pleased as others with how he promotes his latest music though, including Twitter user @inholyflux_ who commented:

“randomly showing d!ck every time u have to release something is a lil embarrassing to me idk”


Meanwhile, Apollo candidly responded, writing:

“if you think this is embarrassing wait till you see the back cover”


The “Evergreen” singer is referring to the back cover of his “Live For Me” vinyl, which features an uncensored painting of his privates.

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The Twitter user was quick to explain their side though, expressing:


“ice slippin was nice tho i’ll tune in”

“if this starts to do numbers this not a drag just an observation sorry omar,” they added.

Moreover, Apollo’s “Live For Me” EP is now out, including the titular song’s official music video, which you can watch here:

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