Omar Ayuso’s Full Frontal Debut in ‘On The Go’ Creates Buzz Online

“Elite” was the ultimate show for teen gays, kind of like Gen-Z’s “Queer As Folk,” though it was always a bit shy about full-frontal nudity. But fear not, what Omar Ayuso didn’t reveal in “Elite,” he certainly does in his latest film, “On The Go.”



The 25-year-old openly gay ‘Elite’ star is playing the role of Jonathan in the queer-inclusive movie. The film’s storyline reads:

“To be or not to be a mother, that is the question. Milagros (37) stretches a carefree youth in her last years of fertility while Jonathan (24), seeks solace in Grindr in order to overcome abandonment issues. Friendship and driving ease the disorientation caused by the deceptive freedom of the early 21st century. A delirious Road Movie full of music, where a mysterious mermaid with a magic crown will set the course of the journey.”

Released just last year (2023), this film marks Ayuso’s first leading role, and we couldn’t be happier for him. According to IMDb:


Check out the NSFW shots

But what it really means is that Ayuso is baring it all in his first full-frontal role (and fingers crossed, there are more to come).

Also, The final season of “Elite’ will be streaming in the Autumn of 2024.


Happy Pride!

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