On-Stage, RuPaul Calls Out Scarlet Adams For Past Racist Performances

From shocking eliminations to personal confessions, the RuPaul’s Drag Race main stage has seen its fair share of jaw-dropping moments. None in recent memory have been as shocking through, as RuPaul directly addressing RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under competitor Scarlet Adams for unearthed photos of the competitor in blackface, brown face, and mocking multiple ethnicities in old routines (the photos originally came to light via Aboriginal drag performer Felicia Fox, who posted them on Instagram). 

Photo Courtesy of World Of Wonder

The remaining contestants on the main stage were visibly shocked when RuPaul broached the subject with Adams directly. Recently eliminated queen Etcetera Etcetera told Metro.co.uk that “When Scarlet brought it up in the workroom that was the first time I had heard about it. Everything flowed organically from then, it wasn’t a manufactured conversation. It wasn’t something we knew was coming so we dealt with it in real-time.” For RuPaul’s part, she directly addressed Adams during on-stage critiques, saying “It has just come to my attention that there are photos of you online performing in blackface; and I wanted to give you an opportunity to address this.”


For her own part, Scarlet apologized immediately, stating “I can’t deny that that happened,’ she said. ‘As a dumb, ignorant teenager, I made some mistakes that I’m really not proud of and every day, I regret those decisions. ‘I regret the fact that I used my platform as a performer to ridicule people who have faced systemic racism for hundreds of years and I’m so ashamed of the person I once was. I’m really sorry to you and to everyone that I have hurt.”. 

Scarlet has since followed up with an Instagram Live of her own (above) where she offered an emotional apology, while also showcasing some of the work that she has done as a person and performer. Scarlet has also spoken on Instagram Live earlier this week with performer Fez Faanana, a POC who had an open dialogue with Adams on racism and Adams’ own reach in the community, as well as her ability to make change. 


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