One Week Left: Who Do YOU Think Will Win ‘All Stars 3’?

RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 3 had their penultimate episode last night, where… SPOILER ALERT… Morgan McMichael's got sent home for the second time.  My reaction that?  Girl, bye. You weren't good at this game in season 2, you definitely weren't good in the first episode of AS3 and last night proved for a third time that this isn't the show for you.

With last week's shocking elimination that sent BenDeLaCreme home, whoops I meant she sent herself home by quitting, and now that Morgan is gone, we have four remaining queens who pretty much pale in comparison to the final four in season 2 of All Stars.  Minus 1.5. 

This season had a couple of opportunities to be as incredible and dramatic as season 2 was, but it didn't.  I think the reason why is because on AS2, most of those girls were close friends so there was a different dynamic there that made it that much more personal and at the same time riveting to watch.  These 10 girls didn't really have any prior relationships with one another, which made the eliminations that much more interesting in terms of the strategy, but overall it just never really got off the ground.

Now, we have a somewhat tepid final four with one particular queen who clearly outshines the rest.  This… is Shangela.  In seven weeks, Shangela only found herself in the bottom twice, where she only deserved to really be in there once and that was the soup can/70's challenge.  She can't really sew, she's owned up to it, but she has clearly made up for it in so many other ways that prove her 3rd time really has been a charm. 

She is second to BenDeLaCreme in terms of wins, however, she won every lip sync battle that she was in.  She brought the funny when needed, but also knew how to play a very strategic game that was on a softer level compared to how hard she went in season 3.  Everything she did, from playing Mariah Carey in Divas! Live to showcasing her comedy chops in The Bitchelor challenge just showed all of us how much she's grown in her drag career, which is eons better compared to when she walked into the werk room almost ten years ago on season 2.  If anyone deserves the crown this season, it's her.

As for the other three, Kennedy Davenport had a moment or two where she did fabulous (The Bitchelor was amazing), but… that's it.  She wasn't the Roxxxy Andrews of this season (if you get my gist), but she didn't do enough to really shine the way that she did in her original season.  I will say this though… she changed my opinion of her.  During season 7, she always came across as very cold and somewhat unlikable, but All Stars 3 changed that for me and many others.  

BeBe Zahara Benet coasted for the first couple of episode's before ramping things up for herself a bit late in the game and has done a good job.  I think Ru has a love for BeBe that is far greater than many of the other queens who have stayed on the show, and that's why she has partially stuck around for this long.  I understand them giving her the Tatianna treatment, except BeBe is already a "winner baby" and I don't think she really deserves another crown as she hasn't done THAT much to really deserve it all over again.  

That leaves Trixie Mattel, who is really the only one who could take the crown from Shangela.  It's interesting with Trixie, because she has developed such an incredible career outside of RPDR, yet can't really get it together while on the show.  She, just like BeBe, sort of coasted the first couple of episode's before landing in the bottom 3 and almost getting sent home due to Shangela's wording of her elimination that scared the bejesus out of all of us. It lit a fire under her ass, and she wound up winning two of the next three challenges, but never winning the lip sync in order to send someone home.  Kennedy, BeBe and Shangela have all had that opportunity, whereas Trixie has not.  I think Trixie is a great drag queen, very funny, has unique fashions, but it doesn't translate to being a winner for something like this.  Did she get redemption?  Sort of.  But it doesn't compare at all to the levels and depths that Shangela has gone to in order for her to really win the title.

That being said, who do YOU think should win All Stars 3?  Let us know your thoughts! 



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  1. Team trixie

    Team trixie

    but shangela can win and I’d be happy


    if Bebe wins – then “fuck my drag right?”

    and kennedy? She’s so awesome but – sorry girl 


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